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If you live within the Parish or are a regular member of our congregation, then you are very welcome to have your child Baptised here. Our Baptisms are usually held during our 11.30 am service on the 3rd Sunday of each month. You can call the office to find out more, or speak with our Vicar, Rev Gail Phillip, after a Sunday service.

Find out more about Christenings and Baptism in the Church of England by checking out the website


Living in the Parish, or having certain family links to the church, are just a couple of the qualifying criteria that enable you to marry in church. If you would like to get married here, please contact the Parish Office or our Vicar Rev. Gail Phillip


If you would like to discuss a funeral at St Giles, please contact the Parish office on 024 7636 8008 or our Vicar on 024 7664 5030.